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 normann copenhagen inspired

design language.

Normann Copenhagen has a very unique design language. Simple and Clever. Taking ques from their portfolio I designed some products they haven't quite dipped their toes in. Spice Rack, Knife Block, and Knife Sharpening Block designed in the world of Normann Copenhagen.

design brief

Design products for Normann Copenhagen using Scandinavian design cues and Normann Copenhagen design language.

Design Cues

color and material contrast

round corners




Products They Dont Carry

spice rack

knife sharpener

knife block

dish rack

spice containers

shower caddy

Knife Block

The knife block and rack featured

is a combonation item. The center, which acts a knife block holder,

is dark walnut wood. On each of

the four surrounding sides, are different grits of knife blocks for

all stages of sharpening.

The spice rack features corrosponding materials and design cues as the knife block. The surrounding wood is dark walnut and each of the lids to the containers are ceramic with different color variations. With this design, you can have as little or as many spices as you would like. As getting another unit is cohesive.

Spice Rack

learn from failure

Failure happens. One can dwell on it and decide to give up, or they can learn what went wrong and succeed.

Though I worked very hard to make this model, slip casting wasn't my friend. It takes time and patience, which is hard to come by half way through the quarter. My plaster mold wieghed over 50 pounds and never fully dried causing my slip cast to also fail to dry.


I am currently remaking this model in a ceramics studio and can't wait to share the final result! 

By allowing the center piece to slide out, you are able to replace the sharpening block once it wears down

The spice rack lining snaps into place and keeps the spices in the jar and the lid firmly into place when not in use. 

Tools & Processes



slip cast

cedar wood

aluminum oxide powder (4 grits)

mold release

black pigment powder


slip casting

mold making


jig saw

table saw

sand paper

sand & finish

make wood block to go in center

fire in kiln

slip cast

(harder than it sounds)

make mold piece & mold






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