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The basic offering of Jollify is a a subscription service. Though it differentiates from other subscription services by giving customers a social platform, evolving user profile, and curated product contents. 

the sweet spot
americans spend an average of 2.8 hours a day watching tv
the opportunity


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend an average of 2.8 hours watching television or another streaming service. This means that, on average, 33 million Americans currently subscribed to Netflix spend more time streaming TV and movies on Netflix than they do anything else at home including eating, reading, excersizing, or cleaning. Among these neglected activities is shopping. With shopping being viewed as a chore, people are switching to easier, more efficient resources like subscription services leaving the market booming and growing faster than ever.

 With the average time americans over the age of 15 spend watching TV increasing every year, and the subscription service industry booming, we were left with an opportunity. Taking the average time people waste staring at a screen encompassed with fiction, we designed a subscription service that gears people away from their screens and brings them out into the real world.

Polly Adams
service design
Samantha Bennett
service/industrial design
Sameer Agarwal
service design

Jollify hits the center of education, streaming entertainment/TV, and subscription packages. Each of these catagories on their own are wildly popular and only gaining speed. 

Jollify is a subscription package that specializes in gearing people away from their screened entertainment, and educates them on hobbies they have never experienced. 

the service offering map


the competition
the blueprint
the team
the management dashboard

With the subscription service booming, there are a lot of options out there. Jollify differentiates itself by creating more value through personalized content and delivering new experiences.


With the company using multiple suppliers, supplier power is low. While buyer power is high due to the threat of consumers discontinuing services, it is important to build strong relationships with out customers.

the personas
Full Jollify Business Plan (60 pgs)
positioning maps
marketing plan
corporate strategy
human resource strategy
operation plan
financial plan
contingency plans
journey maps
business canvas model
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