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Taking a closer look at the services Jenkins Athletics Club, we set out to solve overflowing problems, creative ways to increase revenue, and a redesign of their brand. By working alongside Jenkin's Athletic Club directors and leading co-creation sessions, our team developed many plans for the Club to excell at what they do. 

Service designers are researchers and strategists who
collaborate to optimize and transform the experience
customers recieve and make them more useful, desirable and
efficient for organizations.

• How do we make the services and program a
better experience?
• How do we improve the organization of the
gym’s schedules?
• How do ensure proper exterior and interior
signage to avoid confusion?
• How do we augment advertisement to
broaden the customers’ demographics in an
inexpensive way?


Program that offers college students to gain experience by working as an intern at the Jenkins Club.​

  • Allows college students to gain valuable experience and build their resume

  • Solves Jenkins staffing problems with little to no cost

Though a series of co-creation sessions, we came up with solutions that would be both profitable for the Club and conveniently enjoyable for the customer.

1: The Jenternship allows college students to give back to the community in a matter of community service hours/credit, while the Club acquires quality assistant coaches, social media personnel and assistant managers.

2: With a holistic communication system –raging from massive texts to Google calendar- the Jenkins Athletic club now possesses a system that will alleviate communicational problems in order to generate a fluent sharing of data.

3: The Jenkins Experience is a service that will elevate the Club’s feeling of appropriating and sense of belonging, while generating revenue with fun and inviting social events.



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The Jenkins Experience

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