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Nature is a mysterious work of art. Everyday the things we learn never cease to amaze us. Taking a page out of nature”s book, I set out to create a more efficient kayak paddle. The humpback whale is
extremely agile and has the ability to turn on a dime, even with its
massive size. This is due to the tubercles located on the front of their fins. I took this gem from nature and applied it towards a Kayak Paddle. The Brioar is a paddle designed for long distance trips. Main dimensions are similar to that of a Greenland paddle, though there is an added element of the tubercles. These tubercles will allow for the kayaker to exhaust less energy over time by making it easier to gain speed and make swift movements along the way. Brioar is accompanied by an application. This application allows users to track their routes, distances, and strokes. It also features a page to find and link up with other travelers near you along with a panic/safety button to notify authorities when in danger or lost. The Brioar paddle is the perfect partner to accompany you on long distance trips!

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